The law office of Katherine L. Mason is dedicated to serving the legal needs of persons injured on the job or otherwise disabled and unable to work. Katherine is an experienced attorney who is compassionate and committed to the rights of Washington workers. If you are experiencing difficulty with a claim arising from a workplace injury or occupational disease, or need to know how and with whom to file a claim, Katherine and her staff have the experience and resources to help.

Katherine is deeply rooted in Washington state, with family extending back generations, including loggers, public utility linemen, pilots, health care providers, laborers, dairy farmers, and teachers. She knows that work intersects with lives in fundamental and profound ways and that an injury arising from work affects not only the worker, but whole families. Compassion and commitment are not merely Katherine's professional duties, they are her native qualities at her own work, and at home with her family and friends.


Katherine Mason

Katherine Mason has been practicing law in Washington state since 1999. Her professional experience includes service with the Attorney General's office representing the Department of Labor and Industries. She has worked on the defense side of the bar representing hospitals in medical malpractice cases. Since 2002, Katherine's career home has been representing injured workers.

Katherine earned baccalaureate and masters degrees at Central Washington University and graduated law school in Chicago, Illinois. She lives in Seattle with her husband and two children.


Katherine and her staff help workers who have a claim arising from a workplace injury in Washington state. Additionally, if a workplace injury or occupational disease results in a long-term absence from work, they can help with both Social Security Disability as well as private long-term disability insurance benefits.


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